this little blog

This little blog, like a songbird perched on a big oak tree, sings its heart out to the morning. You might like to pause along your walk to listen to a song or two. Maybe you’ll spread a blanket under the branches and rest a while. The morning bird likes company. She loves harmonies, so please join in. May our music and words wake us up to the miracles of life.

Flowering Tree at Deer Park Monastery

I am writing this blog out of love for writing and for the world. I love words. I’m tired of packing my insights into boxes, stacking them in the garage to gather dust. Insights are meant to be sung out; poems and stories meant to be given away for free. As my teabag told me today, “Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give” (Yogi Bhajan). To paraphrase master writer Annie Dillard, we must give away our writing or it turns to dust; if you keep to yourself what you’ve learned, you will “open your safe and find ashes.”

Please enjoy the offerings here. Please share your own heart and soul too. Don’t keep it to yourself.



4 responses to “this little blog

  1. love the picture. welcome back to the blogosphere.

  2. I was wondering if you wrote the poem”Where Would You Like to Die”? I found the poem a few days before my brother died and it eased his passing in so many ways..

    • Dear Lyn, yes, I wrote the poem “Where Would You Like to Die?” I’m so glad it eased your brother’s passing. Where did you find it? I didn’t remember posting it on this blog, so I wonder where it is online.

  3. love this my friend…like I love the Natascha songbird! write on.

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