The World, Your Heart

Sometimes, by grace or good accident, the eyes of your eyes open, and the world takes your breath away. It feels like somebody put magic in your gaze. Suddenly it’s a wildly blossoming world, deliciously unpredictable, and you wonder, how does it transform endlessly, how does it out-beautify itself over and over? The fat blue sky, the applauding fountain, even the cars are miracles. Trees are laughing at you, waving: “No growing up, ever. No splitting yourself.”

What’s joy? It’s this. This feeling, wide open, the world having become your heart. It only asks that you be here. Really here. Nailed to the present moment.


3 responses to “The World, Your Heart

  1. Here I am now, for you, for me, for others, forward, forever, and never knowing yet ever growing towards nothing.

  2. Holy Shit girl – this is good stuff

    No splitting yourself.
    Spilling yourself instead, back into you the whole ocean.

    Thank you

  3. Natasha knows without knowing. Graceful words and the love of ten thousand unfolding hearts.

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